Booster Club

ZOLA  РLearning Without Borders

Booster Club for Primary Kids

Our Booster club aims to nurture each child’s potential through love, care and encouragement. The early years of a child have a crucial influence on later development and learning. The learning foundation during Child’s school years greatly impacts children’s future achievement. Whether our children become self-motivated learners with confidence and aspiration depends greatly on the stimulation, guidance and nurturing they receive early in life.

Kids doing yoga


children painting on white board

Art & drawing

a group of kids in a school


5 students studying english grammar


An image of minecraft game

Gaming & Social

children painting on white board


A girl learning to cook


A child showing his skills



Joining ZOLA is very easy and straightforward. Fill out the below form with the required information, make the payment and submit it. That’s how easy it is to register into the Zola family, and you can access your account right away and start learning. Register below, choose from a range of subjects and topics and start learning!