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Zainab Rumana - The CEO of Zola Learning Academy

Zainab Rumana

Founder & CEO

Zainab Rumana, An educator with over 15 years of experience in teaching, leadership, and management at various international schools offering a variety of curricula. ZOLA Academy was founded and is led by her as its CEO. Ms Zainab is the organization’s leader and driving force. She advocates for innovative and ethical educational solutions. She recently retired as a member of the leadership and management team of a prestigious British school in the UAE.

She believes that strong relationships are essential for understanding each student’s talents and interests in order to differentiate their learning and maximize their achievement. She is an important member and, plays a critical role in the organization by offering sound advice to everyone, encouraging and inspiring the entire team with a vision and direction for adding value to people and education.

She is instrumental in coordinating all the activities, effectively being the single point of contact for all of them. All the activities concerning maintaining strategic relations with institutional partners and a private foundation, the organization’s global advocacy and policy work, and ensuring public outreach through a variety of tasks related to ZOLA. Communications are managed and operated directly through the Administrative Desk.

Moizuddin Mohammed - THe COO- HR, Finance, sales and marketing

Moizuddin Mohammed

COO- HR, Finance, sales and marketing

Mr Moizuddin Mohammed is their Chief operating officer who oversees ongoing business operations including the HR and Finance departments of ZOLA. He specializes in consulting and mentoring various aspects of Human Resources, Finance and Management skills. He has worked across different industries internationally. Mr Moizuddin has over 25 years of impressive work experience as an Engineer, HR and Operations manager in India, Canada and the Gulf. He believes in work-life integration and works passionately on impacting and improving people’s lives.¬†

He is an engineer who transitioned into an entrepreneur who also owns a contracting firm. Mr Moizuddin contributes his in-depth expertise and experience as an Engineer, HR and Operations manager and entrepreneur in the implementation of new strategies and policies for the expansion of ZOLA.

Moizuddin Mohammed - THe COO- HR, Finance, sales and marketing